Distance learning guide

Distance learning guide

Distance learning guide for parents and caregivers

No matter where or when your child will be learning this year, we’re here to help. We’ve put together this parent and caregiver guide to share advice, tips, and resources to help your child continue learning while they’re away from school. This guide covers three key components for successful sustained learning: setting up for success, keeping your kids motivated, and making time for personal well-being.

Many of you will have received academic guidance from your school or district. But, if you haven’t received guidance or are planning to homeschool, our daily schedules can help you structure each day of distance learning.

Our Keep Everyone Learning resource page (también disponible en español) has more information on getting started with Khan Academy.

We are here to support you. Thank you for all that you do for your families!
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Set up your child’s learning space.
We’ve put together practical suggestions to help you set up a learning space at home for your child to study, do homework, and attend online classes. View the tips.

Make a plan.
Whether your child is home for quarantine or their schooling has been disrupted for another reason, we recommend two easy steps to keep them learning. See the steps.

Structure your day.
Looking for tips on structuring a full day of distance learning? Our daily schedules can be used as is or modified to better suit the needs of your family. Don’t forget to build in time for breaks, food, and fun! View the schedules.

Map out a schedule for young learners.
Our Weekly Planner is a template that parents of kids ages 2-8 can use to map out learning goals for the week. It includes recommendations from child development experts to help parents choose age-appropriate learning materials. View the planner.

Assess your child’s skill level.
Our Get ready for grade level courses include the math skills your child needs to prepare for grade level. You can use them to see which skills your child has mastered and which they need to work on. View courses.
Motivate your kids.
Learn key motivation and goal-setting techniques from our Chief Learning Officer, Kristen DiCerbo. Read Kristen’s tips.

Get tips from a Khan Academy Ambassador.
Conor Corey is a parent, educator, and Khan Academy Ambassador—a.k.a. a Khan Academy power user. He has lots of suggestions for motivating kids to learn while at home. View Conor’s suggestions.

Help your kids build grit and resilience.
Angela Duckworth joins Sal to share tips on keeping kids motivated and avoiding procrastination. Angela is the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Watch now or listen to the podcast.
Make time for yourself.
Prioritizing self-care will benefit your entire family and help create a positive environment to facilitate learning. See tips from the Child Mind Institute about self-care for parents in the time of coronavirus.

Manage stress.
Model good behavior for managing stress and anxiety. Learn how to avoid passing anxiety on to your kids with advice from the Child Mind Institute.

Meditate with Sal.
Take a seven-minute break with Sal to relax and calm your mind. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before—Sal guides you through the basics. Watch the meditation video.
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