Recommended summer activities
Summer is a time for growth, fun and exploration
As we slide into summer, we know many people have concerns about whether they’re ready for next school year. We’re determined to do everything we can to help students keep learning. 

As a mission-focused non-profit, it is Khan Academy’s duty to support parents and students to the best of our ability. We’ve created a summer schedule with learning activities that are meant to be templates that can be used as is, or modified to better suit the needs of your children.

Khan Academy has self-paced, interactive content--exercises, videos and articles--for students in every grade and in most major subject areas. It is all free and non-commercial and is made possible by philanthropic support from people like you. 

See our Keep Everyone Learning resource page for more information on getting started with Khan Academy.
Sal Khan,
Founder of Khan Academy
June and July summer playlist
Learning activities
Master math
Goal: 2 hour per week

Camp Khan
Join our virtual summer camp, Camp Khan, from June 22 to August 28! At Camp Khan students prepare for success in their math classes this fall, build habits and mindsets for learning, and participate in fun summer activities.

Camp Khan highlights our new Get ready for grade level courses. These courses are perfect for summer with their focus on the essential math skills you will need for your upcoming school year. If Camp Khan doesn't work in your schedule, students can work through these Get ready courses independently.

Early learners
We’ve created a fun list of water-themed math activities for little learners! These activities are part of Camp Khan Kids, our free summer camp for kids ages 2-7.
Love language
Goal: 3 to 4 hours per week

Reading time 
Get comfy with a good book for 30 minutes each day. Here is Khan Academy’s recommended reading list. We also recommend these lists from the ALA and WeAreTeachers.

Vocabulary and literacy
Once per week, practice your vocabulary and literacy skills with our English Language Arts courses.  

Journaling and writing
Use our fun writing prompts to help learners of all ages express their creativity and build their writing skills.

Enrichment with humanities & history
Art-history on Khan Academy - learn to understand the history of humanity through art.

Virtual tours & field trips
- experience then reflect via writing

Early learners
In the free Khan Academy Kids app, kids can read or listen to hundreds of books located in the "Books" tab in the app's Library.

Keep creative
Goal: 2 hours per week
Use the ideas below to help you find your passion.

Khan Academy computer programming
Programming computers is far more fun and creative than you probably ever imagined. Start by creating fun cartoons and animations and work your way up to creating fun games that your friend can play.

Imagineering in a Box
Have you ever wondered how theme parks come to life? Imagineering in a Box allows you to explore different aspects of theme park design, from characters to ride development, as you design a theme park of your very own.

Adobe’s Khan + Create
Adobe educators extend Khan Academy lessons with engaging, creative projects and activities for students of all ages.

Camp Kinda
Weekly learning adventures and daily activities carefully curated by passionate experts for families.

Summer Learning Family Toolkit
For more Summer learning ideas and resources, including a toolkit for families, take a look at the Family Toolkit created by the National Summer Learning Association.

Early learners
Khan Academy Kids Circle Time on YouTube includes reading, dancing, singing, and more.

Khan Kids printable worksheets that make math, literacy, writing and coloring and science fun!
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